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May 24, 2013 06:53 AM PDT
May 03, 2013 03:47 AM PDT

1.You will hear three people talking about their primary school teachers. Read sentences A-D , which summarise what they say, and answer the questions to predict what they might say.
A.I had a teacher who was too strict.
•What do strict teachers do?
B. I had a teacher who was inspiring despite some faults.
•In what way can a teacher be inspiring ?
•What faults can a teacher have?
C. I had a teacher who was never punctual.
•If someone is never punctual , what does (s)he do?
D. I had a teacher who was demanding teacher do?
•What makes a teacher fair?

2.Now listen to the three people and match what they say A-D to the numbers 1-3. One option does not match any of the speakers.

3.One of the recordings contains of the same world as one of the options, yet that option is not the right answer! Which one?

April 22, 2013 05:08 AM PDT

Before listening to the conversation, try to guess the questions from the answers they are giving.

Chris: __________________________?
Dan: Yes, London is very expensive.
Chris: I think Bangkok is much better.
Dan: __________________________?
Chris: Because the shops are much cheaper.
Dan: _____________________________?
Chris: Yes, there are a lot of different shops.
Dan: __________________________?
Chris: Yes, they're very helpful.
Dan: __________________________ too?
Chris: Yes, I think you would like living in Bangkok.
Dan: __________________________?
Chris: Yes, we forgot 1 item.
Dan: ___________________?
Chris: We forgot to buy a guidebook.
Dan: ____________________?
Chris: Yes, I really need a guidebook.

Buying a guide book

Chris: Excuse me, I would like to buy a guidebook.
Salesman: _____________________________?
Chris: I would like a colour guidebook of London.
Salesman: _____________________________?
Chris: No, I'll be staying in London.
Salesman: _______________________?
Chris: I'm interested in shopping and the museums.
Salesman: I recommend you buy this one.
Chris: OK, thanks. ___________________?
Salesman: 5 pounds.
Chris: Thanks. I will buy this one.

Places to visit

Dan: _____________________?
Chris: Yes, I bought one.
Dan: _____________________?
Chris: Yes, here it is.
Dan: So, __________________________?
Chris: There are many interesting places I wish to visit.
Dan: _______________________?
Chris: I want to visit the museums.
Dan: ____________________________?
Chris: I want to visit the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.
Dan: __________________________?
Chris: Yes, they are included.
Dan: What about Buckingham Palace. _________________________________?
Chris: Yes, I would like to visit it soon.

Things I need to buy
Chris: London is __________ __________, isn’t?
Dan: Yes, London is very expensive.
Chris: I think Bangkok is much __________.
Dan: __________ is Bangkok __________ __________ London?
Chris: Because the shops are much __________.
Dan: Does Bangkok _________ ___________ shops to choose from?
Chris: Yes, there are a __________ __________ different shops.
Dan: Are the Thai __________?
Chris: Yes, __________ very helpful.
Dan: __________ I __________ live in Bangkok too!
Chris: Yes, I __________ you would like __________ in Bangkok.
Dan: Have we forgotten __________ __________?
Chris: Yes, we forgot one __________.
Dan: What did __________ __________ to buy?
Chris: We forgot to buy a __________.
Dan: Do you __________ __________ a __________?
Chris: Yes, I __________ need a __________.

Buying a guidebook
Chris: Excuse me, I would like to buy a guidebook.
A girl: ?
Chris: I would like a color guidebook of London.
A girl: Will you be __________ __________ of London?
Chris: No, I’ll be __________ in London.
A girl: What __________ are you __________ __________?
Chris: I’m interested in __________ and the __________.
A girl: I recommend you buy __________ __________.
Chris: OK, thanks. ?
A girl: 5 __________.
Chris: Thanks. I will_________ this one.

Places to visit
Dan: Did you __________ your __________?
Chris: Yes, I bought __________.
Dan: Can I __________ a __________ __________ it?
Chris: Yes, __________ it is.
Dan: So, which __________ __________ you like __________?
Chris: There are many __________ places I __________ to visit.
Dan: Which places __________ __________ __________?
Chris: I __________ to visit the museums.
Dan: Do you know which museums __________ you __________ __________?
Chris: I want to visit the __________ Museum and the __________ Museum.
Dan: __________ __________ in the guidebook?
Chris: Yes, they are __________.
Dan: What about Buckingham __________? __________ you like to __________ the palace?
Chris: Yes, I would like to visit it __________.

Complete the dialogue. Put in the words she speaks in the right order.
•Yes, that looks nice. How much is it?
•Er . . . size 38, I think.
•Yes, it was perfect. I’ll take it.
•Yes, please.
•Yes, please. I’m looking for a jumper.
•Yes. Blue, if possible.
•I see. Thank you.
•Thank you. Now, where’s my purse . . .

Shop assistant Can I help you?
Shop assistant I see. What size, please?
Shop assistant Any particular colour?
Shop assistant Well, what about this one?
Shop assistant £12.99. Would you like to try it on?
Shop assistant The changing-room’s over there.
Customer She tries it on:
Shop assistant Well, did it fit?
Shop assistant Right. I’ll just wrap it up for you.

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